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the one you'll be working with

I'm Julie Kendall and I've been working as a freelance copywriter for more than 10 years. I work with all types of businesses, from start-ups to large organisations. Through strategic writing and storytelling, I help clients get more customers, more investment, more engagement and more growth. No-one wants to write this stuff. But I quite enjoy it.

Five things about me

A bit of background:  I started out working for PR agencies in Leicester and Manchester. Later, I moved in-house, and worked for a large housing provider with a multi-million pound turnover. Here, I established their media relations function before heading up branding, publications and customer communications.

Where I am now: I wanted to specialise as a freelance writer so I set up Hot Copy 11 years ago. Mostly, I work with public and third sector businesses   creating content for all types of media. I’m an experienced project manager and I specialise in writing in plain English.

Academic stuff: I have a psychology degree and a postgraduate diploma in marketing. I've done training courses throughout my career. But I've learned so much more just doing the job.

People person: I'm interested in social issues things that affect people and communities. That's why I like working with charities, non profits and businesses that have a social purpose.

My style: Sounds a bit woolly but I can adapt my writing style to suit the type of business you're in and who you're talking to. Most established copywriters specialise in one thing or another but my experience has been varied. My writing can talk to a corporate audience or the man on the street.  Have a look at some samples of my work to get a taste of the different writing styles I use.


I collaborate with a network of talented graphic designers, filmmakers and photographers.

Together, we turn words and pictures into wonderful creative that gets you noticed.

So, as well as giving you hot copy, I can also deliver the complete marketing project.

how i do things

When we start working together, I'll be asking you lots of questions. I'll want to know more about your business, what you're offering and what makes you different. I’ll also need to work out what your customers want too.

I believe the key to good writing is in the planning.

Why me?


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Solid track record

I've got (ahem) more than 18 years' experience, working both in-house and freelance. I have a strong background in marketing and communications which means I can add extra value to your project. I'm not one of those advertising copywriters who can only work to a tight brief. I can set the strategy and objectives of the communication if that's what you need. And then get on with the creative writing.

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The social factor

I particularly like working with not-for-profit organisations who want to make a difference to people's lives and local communities. I began my writing career working for the social housing sector and the NHS. And I've continued to work with businesses that have a strong social purpose. If you're a private business, I'd love to help you publicise any community projects you're involved in.


Value for money

I don't have the same overheads that a larger agency has which means my rates are good!  I'm based near the seaside town of Blackpool but I work with clients across the country. I keep things small, collaborating with other freelancers and design agencies rather than employing staff.  Mostly, I connect with clients over the phone, by email or on Facetime. Think of me as your remote salesperson.

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great results

It's great to win awards but I get more satisfaction from the difference I can make to your business. Through carefully thought-out, strategic writing, I can help you raise your profile, boost your income and improve your performance. So whether you want people to buy something, invest in your business, make a donation or perhaps even change their behaviour, I'll find the right words to help you do it. 

my style



I think about the purpose of your communication and what your audience needs to know. And I use plain English so your readers know exactly what you're saying and what you want them to do.


I'll look for a word, phrase or concept that sticks like glue in a reader’s mind encouraging them to spring into action and find out more. Or, better still, take you up on your offer.


I like telling stories, and finding out what makes people tick. So whoever you are and wherever you’re going, I’ll tell your story in an exciting and meaningful way.


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