Hot Copy Terms & Conditions


By commissioning Hot Copy to write for you (the client), you are confirming that you agree to our Terms and Conditions.


1. Quotations/proposals

Before starting work on a project, Hot Copy will supply a full breakdown of costs within a formal quotation or detailed email. Quotations are valid for 30 days. All quotations are provided on the understanding that the scope of the work doesn’t change during the course of the project. In the event that it does, we will discuss any potential changes in costs with you in advance of carrying out the work. Before starting work, we require your written confirmation, for example by email, that you are commissioning us to write for you, and that you agree to the quoted fee.


2. Fees

Our fees include any time spent in meetings, telephone or email conversations to discuss the brief, research, planning, writing and submission of the first draft, discussion, evaluation and up to three sets of revisions or amendments, and submission of the final draft. Any revisions or re-writes based on a change in the direction of the project by the client will incur an additional fee. A new quote can be submitted before commencing this work, if required. Any revisions should be assigned within 30 days of receipt of the copy.


3. Expenses

Hot Copy will not charge you for any minor, out-of-pocket expenses required to complete a project – including phone, Internet, email or courier. Travel expenses to and from the client’s office will not be charged. However, travel to other locations either by car or train will incur an additional charge at cost.


4. Retaining agreements

Hot Copy is able to provide writing services on a retainer basis.  By entering into a retaining agreement, you (the client) agree to provide work covering an agreed number of hours or days in any one month. The minimum length of time for a retaining agreement is 3 months. Where a retaining agreement is in place, it is your responsibility to provide work to cover the agreed number of hours/days. If the agreed number of hours/days are not worked due to you not providing enough work, then Hot Copy will not ‘roll over’ hours/days to the next month. If extra hours/days need to be worked over and above the retaining agreement, as agreed by you, then Hot Copy will invoice for this separately. Retainer payments will be billed on a monthly basis - in advance, at the beginning of each month.


5. Errors, Omissions and Indemnity

Hot Copy will make every effort to ensure that the copy supplied is free of errors and omissions – including errors in spelling and content – but it is your responsibility to ensure the content is accurate before committing it to production. 

It is also your sole responsibility to ensure that all statements, claims, promises, information on a product or service are correct, not misleading, and guarantees are upheld in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. You shall hold Hot Copy harmless against any liability, including liability arising from copyright infringement and libel, that results in any way from your use of our copywriting services.  You agree to indemnify us against any claim for compensation or damages brought about as a direct or indirect consequence of the work that we do for your organisation.

6. Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements

Where you require us to sign any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements, you agree to indemnify us against any action whatsoever by you or a third party, associated with the accidental disclosure or loss of this information.


7. Copyright

When you commission us to write copy for you, you are purchasing the copyright in the work we do for you. This is assigned to you on receipt by us of full and final payment of all fees due.

8. Showcasing your project

Where possible, we will request a copy of the finished project for our own records. We reserve the right to showcase samples of the work we have completed for you on our website or in any other promotional materials.


9. Payment terms

Invoices will be issued on completion of a project with payment due within 30 days from the date of the invoice. Where a retaining agreement is in place, we will issue monthly invoices in advance, usually on the first day of the month. We accept payments by BACS or cheque. When an invoice becomes overdue, we will contact your accounts department to chase payment. If an invoice becomes overdue by two months or more, we will take necessary action, within the law, to recover the debt.