THE LOWDOWN: When the probation service asked me to create copy for a campaign to promote Restorative Justice (RJ), I was immediately intrigued. I didn't fully understand how RJ worked and had always thought it was a service for victims of crime. It's actually a rehabilitative option for offenders too. The challenge was to come up with copy for a leaflet and poster that targeted both victims and offenders. The creative concept I was given was brilliant. Models (along with some make up and clever photography) were used to show an RJ user before and after the process.  I knew the copy had to be simple and straightforward. It didn't need to go into too much detail – a short film had already been created which answered all the questions. The leaflet below sets the scene and answers the what, how and why. The materials are used to promote RJ in prisons, online and in public places such as hospitals, GP surgeries and supermarkets. It's a great campaign.